Owners who want to sell their property in Berlin, Potsdam or Brandenburg want to be sure that their property will be in good hands and that the sale will be reliable, secure and professional. Prospective buyers looking for a home or investment property in Berlin, for example in Charlottenburg, Mitte or Reinickendorf, want certainty - the certainty that they have made the right purchase decision.

Our reliable estate agents know the local real estate market, are aware of its hurdles and are happy to take sufficient time for you and your concerns. We provide a comprehensive service to meet the individual requirements of buyers and sellers alike. When selling properties, we rely on modern marketing tools such as virtual viewings via smartphone or up-to-date online tools, authentic information and direct communication via professional broker software. We also use our social media channels for marketing in addition to the usual portals. Our Berlin estate agent team is present everywhere. Do you need support during the sales process, before the purchase decision or after moving in? Together with our network, we will support you and put you in touch with reliable regional service providers and partners.

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Your competent real estate agent with a wide range of activities

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With our know-how and a wide range of services, we meet a wide variety of customer requirements, whether you:

  • would like detailed advice on a private or institutional real estate investment in Berlin or Germany in general
  • are selling your property - whether it’s a house or apartment - in Berlin and are looking for a new home to suit your current living situation
  • are looking for or want to market a commercial property, e.g. a hotel, store or production hall
  • need an assessment of your current property value by means of a professional property valuation


Discreet sales for more privacy

The majority of our clients attach great importance to discretion, which is why we have developed tried-and-tested marketing strategies to successfully sell properties in private. Please contact us directly if you would like us to discreetly market a property for you in Berlin. Only a select group of people (reputable estate agents, notary, parties involved) will be informed of your intention to sell, so you can be sure of our discretion. Our team of estate agents will be happy to provide you with further information.

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Living & working in Berlin 

Have you lost track of all the changing real estate listings on the Berlin real estate market? Do you lack the time to search for suitable properties from all the offers, write to the sellers or the right real estate agency in Berlin or request exposés? Are you still wondering whether an apartment is enough or whether a house would suit your living situation better? In which districts or boroughs would you like to live - should it be Charlottenburg, Teltow, Berlin Mitte, Steglitz-Zehlendorf or rather Stahnsdorf in Brandenburg?

By placing a search request with us, you save time and effort when looking for real estate in Berlin and Brandenburg - and for commercial real estate even beyond Berlin throughout Germany. Simply send us your specific search criteria and our agents will get a first impression and start searching for and selecting suitable properties. Would you like a personal consultation or do you have any questions about our services? Our real estate agents at Victor Investment are also happy to help you with your concerns in Berlin, Brandenburg and the surrounding area - visit us directly in our Berlin real estate office, give us a call or send us your individual inquiry using the contact form.


Thomas Tams
Managing Director Thomas Tams

Dresdner Immobilien Kontor, Dresden Owner
Bralo Projektentwicklung- und Vertriebs GmbH, Sales Manager Hamburg
Tams Immobilien, Lüneburg Owner
Immobilien Handelshaus GmbH, Sotheby's International Realty, Hamburg
Sotheby´s Realty, BIR Berlin International Realty GmbH, Berlin
Victor Investment GmbH, Berlin Managing Director

+49 (0)30 809 07 00 30
Markus Nonnenmacher
Managing Director Markus Nonnenmacher

Sparda Bank, Hamburg District Director
Credit Suisse Germany, Berlin Director
Postbank Finanzberatung, Berlin Chief Representative
Victor Investment GmbH, Berlin Managing Director

+49 (0)30 809 07 00 30
Cornelia Nieny
Back office Cornelia Nieny

As the good soul of the company, the trained our back office and is available to customers customers, colleagues and partners for all questions.
She reliably coordinates our day-to-day business, without losing sight of the big picture.

+49 (0)30 809 07 00 30
Alexandra Tams
Back office Alexandra Tams

With a focus on system software and object preparation, the trained businesswoman is an extremely important pillar of the back office and sales team.

+49 (0)30 809 07 00 30

Frequently asked questions about estate agents in Berlin

​​​​​​How can you recognize a good real estate agent?

A good real estate agent is characterized by their professionalism and expertise. They have knowledge of the local real estate market and offer you transparent advice that is tailored to your needs and wishes. Ideally, the estate agent should also be communicative, reliable and approachable.

Why should you buy or sell with a real estate agent?

A real estate agent can assist you as a neutral intermediary and advisor when buying or selling a property. Reliable estate agents save you time and work by carrying out a professional property valuation for pricing, for example, and taking care of all communication with the parties and the procurement and processing of all documents.

How do you find a good real estate agent in Berlin?

One way is through recommendations from friends or acquaintances. The Internet also offers numerous rating portals and search engines where you can search for a suitable estate agent. Pay attention to the profile of the estate agent, e.g. experience and competence.

What should you look out for when working with a real estate agent?

Before working with an estate agent, you should be clear about the services you want to use and what you expect from them. You should also be familiar with their working methods, such as the disclosure of costs and commissions as well as the scope of services. A written agreement can help to avoid misunderstandings.

Can you sell your property without an estate agent?

Yes, it is generally possible to sell without an estate agent. However, you should bear in mind that the sale of real estate involves many legal and tax issues that are often difficult to handle without specialist knowledge. It can also be challenging to find potential buyers. If you want to take the sale into your own hands, you therefore need to find out about the legal and tax aspects and be prepared to invest time and energy in marketing the property.

What are the advantages of using an estate agent when buying a property?

An estate agent knows the local real estate market and can help you find the right property.They can suggest specific offers that match your desired profile.Legal and tax issues are also partly covered by the estate agent or they have appropriate partners in their network. A real estate agent can also help you negotiate the price and assist with the purchase contract. They will also accompany you to the notary appointment and carry out the handover of the property.

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