Comprehensive real estate service for owners

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Many owners ask themselves why they should hire an estate agent to sell their property in Berlin, Potsdam or Brandenburg - before they realize how time-consuming and special selling a property actually is.

As an experienced real estate agent in Berlin, we make it easier for you to organize and coordinate all the paperwork and documents, take photographs and aerial shots, contact interested parties, arrange viewing appointments and answer questions from potential buyers.

Above all, however, we use our specialist knowledge and experience to ensure that the process is secure and that a careful valuation of your property is carried out. Thanks to a reliable market value, a suitable marketing strategy and our advice, sellers do not take any risks, whatever the decision. When you sell your property, you should also protect your privacy - we can guarantee this.

Why is it better to use an estate agent?


Time and again, owners underestimate the amount of work and the challenges involved in the private sale of real estate in a large city. In addition to the time-consuming organization, it is above all the legal issues and conducting negotiations that push sellers to their limits. By contrast, those who commission a regional real estate agent in Berlin benefit from well-established processes from the very first moment and can look forward to the brokerage process with complete peace of mind thanks to the expertise and experience of the real estate professional. Not only will they provide detailed advice and answer any questions you may have, they will also take care of the following services for you:

  • Valuation of your property and market-oriented pricing
  • Contact with the authorities and procurement of all documents required for the sale
  • Creation of sales-promoting exposés, including professional photos, videos and 360-degree tours
  • Detailed advice, including on contract and building law
  • Planning a target group-oriented marketing strategy
  • Activity tracking of the sales process
  • Searching for potential buyers, including conducting viewings, sales negotiations and credit checks
  • Support with financing issues, drawing up the purchase contract and the notary appointment
  • Handover of the property
  • Support after conclusion of the contract
  • Arranging tradesmen, notaries, specialist lawyers and other service providers

Neutral agents

A reputable real estate agent acts as a neutral third party when brokering your property and can assess the situation objectively, unlike the often emotionally involved owner. Thanks to their independent position, they also have the advantage of receiving honest feedback on the offer from the prospective buyer and can therefore better assess whether there is an actual intention to buy. The possibility of a credit check provides the estate agent with additional security and enables them to find the ideal buyer for your property in Berlin. As your Berlin estate agent, we offer you valuable support when selling your property.

Experience and expertise - you benefit

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A professional estate agent like us is active on the real estate market in Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg on a daily basis and has already worked with a wide variety of property types, owners and buyers. Thanks to this wealth of experience and expertise, the real estate agent can therefore react to different situations during the brokerage process and find the optimal solution for all parties involved. In addition, he provides both the seller and the buyer with expertise on technical, financial or legal issues, ensures that all the necessary documents are available and ensures a smooth process.

Targeted marketing strategies

Once a market-driven price has been found, the estate agent uses this as a basis to identify potential target groups. Together with the owner, he then creates a marketing concept perfectly tailored to the property and the respective interested parties, for which various measures are available. Depending on which customer group is to be addressed, the real estate expert chooses between traditional print media such as flyers and newspapers or the various real estate portals and social media platforms as a suitable advertising channel. In addition, estate agents themselves have a broad network and a database with stored interests from their customer base. In this way, a real estate agent helps to reach not only many, but also promising prospective buyers and accelerates the sales process.

Selection of interested parties and accessibility

Your estate agent not only acts as an interface between seller and buyer, but also supports both parties individually and can therefore assess whether a deal is realistic. If he recognises that the owner and prospective buyer are not a good match, he can sort them out at an early stage and prevent unnecessary viewing appointments. If a suitable enquiry is found, he then mediates between the parties and takes over the negotiations until the contract is concluded. This means you enjoy the reliable support of an expert when you sell your property.

Reliable property valuation

Whether you want to find out the general value of your property in order to make a decision to sell, or whether you have already made this decision: The more thorough and realistic the valuation is, the more reliable the result will be. And this is important for many other decisions and developments in the course of the sales process. We value your property based on our market knowledge in Berlin and the surrounding area in combination with modern online tools.

Modern property presentation

We rely on modern presentation tools such as virtual viewings and appealing photos to not only stand out from the mass of property listings, but in particular to offer contemporary property purchases - for example for people who are not in the area themselves and are looking for a property in Berlin. We present your property authentically and attractively in the property photos and aerial shots taken with a drone. The advantage: prospective buyers experience the real character of the property and are not deceived by edited images.

Professional home staging as a supplement

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Furnishing and designing living spaces with furniture, colours, lighting and decorative elements is an ideal addition to property marketing with photos, exposés and virtual viewings. Home staging stimulates the imagination of prospective buyers and conveys a feeling of home. On request, we can carry out home staging with real furniture at your premises or as a 3D illustration based on selected photos of your property in Berlin. This will increase your chances of success if you want to sell your property.

Talk to us about your wishes and ideas. We will be happy to try to make everything possible ourselves - or through our reliable contacts in the property sector. Our expert team of estate agents and consultants in Berlin is at your disposal.