Sell your property: Neutral, serious and reliable!

Selling a property involves numerous challenges. The time required alone can be immense. Save yourself the time, avoid all the risks and start the comfortable sale thanks to our estate agents from Victor Investment!

The first step: Objective price determination

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There are few properties on the market with which the owners have no emotional memories. However, this is precisely what causes a lack of objectivity, which is necessary for a successful sale and, above all, for pricing. Thanks to our valuers and property experts, however, you will find a fair value for both parties. Your offer will therefore be in line with the market and professional.

Customized concepts that stand out - if you want them to

Instead of relying on a single property sales strategy, we tailor the concept of selling your home to your individual situation. We highlight the facts about your property and emphasize its history, special features and unique selling points. We also take care of the appealing design of the exposé, starting with professional photographs and ending with a virtual viewing. If desired, our home staging service can showcase the property's advantages in a modern light. We can also draw up a floor plan and energy performance certificate.

Discreet marketing

Many customers rely on the concept of discreet marketing. Only pre-registered interested parties who are already waiting in our database will receive your exposé. You do not have to publicize your wish to sell and can still hope for a targeted and efficient sale. We set the course with measures such as checking interested parties and the structured coordination of viewing appointments.

Advantages for owners

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Selling property with Victor Investment not only saves time and nerves, but also focuses on the professionalism of the offer. You get more quality with less effort and stand out from other listings with the exclusive exposé. Furthermore, all services are provided from a single source, thanks to our experts and our network.

All you have to do is tell us what you want to sell. We will take care of the remaining steps; if you wish, we can do this completely in private. Plan your targeted sale with us and let us advise you! Contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you.


Frequently asked questions regarding selling properties

Why should I instruct an estate agent to sell my property?

An estate agent has extensive knowledge of the sector and will determine the actual price of your property. We also develop targeted marketing strategies and take care of all the necessary tasks for you, such as obtaining documents or organising viewings. In this way, we protect you from expensive sources of error and increase your chances of success.

Will I get more for my property with an estate agent?

An estate agent knows the property market inside out and knows which conversion or renovation work will increase the value of your property. We are also experts in conducting negotiations and thus ensure you a successful sale.

What is an exposé and what does it contain?

The exposé presents your property in text and images and establishes the first contact between you and your prospective buyers. It consists of high-quality photos of your house or flat. You also describe the property and clearly list the most important key data. It is the first impression of your property.

Do I have to be present at viewing appointments?

If you decide to work with us, we will take the pressure off you and organise almost all appointments for you - this also applies to viewing appointments. However, you are of course free to decide whether you wish to be present.

What costs are incurred by buyers and sellers when selling a property?

In addition to the property price, buyers incur around 10 per cent incidental purchase costs, which are made up of land transfer tax, notary fees and the estate agent's commission. Sellers pay, for example, the cancellation of their land charge and, if applicable, a speculation tax as well as the estate agent's commission.

What are typical mistakes when selling a property?

An unrealistic property price is a common mistake. In addition, missing documents or inadequate marketing will delay your property sale. Never conceal defects and check the creditworthiness of your buyers as well as the purchase contract. Also prepare for price negotiations and do not agree to a proposal that is below your price limit.