Secret sale: Discretion in the marketing process

At Victor Investment, we work on solution-oriented methods and strategies to market your property attractively and discreetly.

The advantages of discreet property marketing:

  • Protection of the privacy of owners and residents
  • Sale does not become public, protection from nosy neighbours
  • Owner retains control over disclosure of property information
  • Offer price for the property is not made public
  • Avoidance of viewing tourism and excessive numbers of interested parties
  • Targeted brokerage to genuine prospective buyers via contacts and customer databases


Grafik Secret-Sale


For whom is discreet property marketing recommended?

Basically for anyone who wants to protect their privacy and does not want their property to be marketed publicly or their intention to sell to the public. After all, many people find out about the owner's intention to sell during the usual marketing process. Discretion is also advisable when selling luxury properties to counteract viewing tourism.

Innovative solutions for more discretion

It is impossible to imagine property marketing without the Internet. However, we at Victor Investment do not always use the usual means such as property portals for marketing, but also rely on other digital techniques to present your property discreetly but effectively.

Property sales with Victor Investment - discreet and professional

We broker the majority of our investment properties with absolute discretion and conclude a contract without the property being published on the market. You can also benefit from our expertise:

  • Personal selection of existing customers who are interested in a property in Berlin.
  • Comprehensive service for owners.
  • Procurement and preparation of all sales documents, including the necessary administrative procedures.
  • Secure conclusion of sale through thorough examination of the buyer's actual creditworthiness.

We will be happy to develop a customized concept for you and your property to find the right buyer - reliably, securely and, of course, discreetly.