A charming detached house in Zehlendorf. A cozy apartment with old building charm in Charlottenburg. A well-located store or restaurant in Mitte. A magnificent villa with a large plot in Grunewald. Buy or rent? Renting or selling? Berlin is a diverse and fast-moving real estate market, especially internationally - and that's one reason why we love working here. Berlin stands out due to various factors for real estate investments: an excellent infrastructure, a diverse cultural offering, major companies based here and its proximity to the Baltic Sea.

Diverse districts make Berlin so unique

Fassaden von Reihenhäusern

Berlin consists only of large apartment buildings and hectic street traffic? Districts such as Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in particular, with its Grunewald, Halensee and Westend districts, prove that Berlin has many quiet corners with spacious plots and large properties.

Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstraße, Hackesche Märkte: Mitte is lively and popular - with students and young workers, start-ups and artists. In particular, a strong start-up scene has developed in Mitte - in and around the large business parks and innovation parks. Due to its central location and numerous cultural facilities, Mitte is a popular district for tourists and visitors.

Adjacent to Mitte is Prenzlauer Berg in the district of Pankow - a district that is characterized by many old buildings and listed properties and is correspondingly attractive to residents. As a result of development, the former working-class district has become a district with well-off young residents who love the typical Berlin restaurants, small boutiques and young companies.

Berlin real estate market: a blessing for owners, a challenge for prospective buyers

Stadtvilla im Grünen

It is no secret that the search for apartments and houses in Berlin is considered difficult due to the very high, constant demand and the low supply of living space. Prospective buyers face major challenges in finding a suitable property. The limited supply alone makes it almost impossible to find an interesting property without professional support.

Owners who want to rent or sell their property, on the other hand, have it much easier: after all, there are literally a queue of interested parties. However, you shouldn't rush into a rental or sale. After all, you want the property to be in good hands.

We know the Berlin real estate market inside out. We will be happy to help you if you are looking for a residential or commercial property or want to sell a condominium or home. We are active in the entire Berlin real estate market for residential properties. We also broker commercial real estate throughout Germany.