Successful sale with a well-founded valuation in Berlin

Do you know the value of your own property? Assessing the market value of a property correctly and realistically is one of the most important tasks of estate agents - both to define the right target group and marketing strategy and to achieve satisfactory sales proceeds for the seller.

A quick valuation as a first point of reference

Would you like to get a first impression of the value of your property? Then our quick valuation is just right for you. Using the online form below, you can send us information about your property in just a few steps, which will enable us to carry out a quick valuation:

  1. Property type: Indicate the type of property and whether it is used for private or commercial purposes, for example.
  2. Area dimensions: We need a rough estimate of important dimensions for an initial determination of the property value.
  3. Location: The location is another factor in the property valuation. So that we can compare your property with local market prices, we need the address of the property (this information will be treated discreetly in accordance with data protection regulations).
  4. Price: Let us know the approximate year of construction and your asking price.
  5. Contact: Last but not least, we need your name, telephone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you with our assessment after the brief valuation.

After submitting the form, we will get back to you within a few days. Please understand that some information is mandatory so that our initial valuation can provide a realistic result. For a concrete determination of the property value, we recommend a professional property valuation on site by our estate agents.

Use the online form now and request an initial valuation:


Valuing properties neutrally & realistically

It is extremely difficult for owners who live in their property themselves to remain objective. However, neutrality plays an important role in the assessment of the property value, which is essential for the subsequent sale. Because while the owner sees the commitment he has put into the property, the beautiful moments and memories he associates with the property, a potential buyer only has the property in mind. They will certainly view the property with a certain idea of it as their future home, but they will not have any real emotional connection with it. This makes it all the more important to convey the benefits of the property to them on a neutral level - with a realistic property value or asking price. Among other things, these important factors are taken into account: the age of the property, the location, the land value, the condition and the furnishings of your house or flat.

At Victor Investment, we apply the necessary objectivity and expertise to realistically assess and determine the market value of your property - whether a flat, detached house, villa or commercial property.

Market value as the basis for sales planning

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The aim of a professional property valuation is not only to optimize the sales price, which meets the expectations of both the prospective buyer and the owner. The market value plays an important role at a much earlier stage in the sales process. It is not only an initial assessment, but also the starting point for many decisions: Who is the target group for the property? What do they value when looking for a property? How can the target group be addressed in the best possible way?

These important questions determine the course of the sale, and therefore also the conclusion of the sale itself. The better we tailor the marketing of your property to the needs and wishes of the target group, the faster and more successfully the property will sell. For example, determining the market price not only reduces the time it takes to sell, but also the negotiations on the selling price. Finally, a realistic value is available as part of the well-founded property valuation.

Request a property valuation now

For many of our clients, we broker their properties outside the public market - either through discreet marketing or the property is sold to one of our registered prospective buyers before it is published. But even if the property is marketed discreetly, an up-to-date market value is important. The property market in Berlin is constantly changing. It is therefore essential for a targeted property sale to estimate and value the property on the basis of comparable properties (similar location, condition).

We would be happy to prepare a thorough valuation report for your residential or commercial property in Berlin during an on-site appointment. Do you have any questions about property valuation, would you like more information or would you like to make an appointment? Feel free to call us or send us a message.


Frequently asked questions about the valuation

Selling a house: Why is a professional valuation important?

A professional valuation will tell you the actual value of your property and thus a realistic selling price. This forms the basis for a successful sale. While a price that is too high is a deterrent, you are giving away money if the price is too low.

What are the most important factors when determining the price of my property?

The general condition as well as the property's features and location have the greatest influence on your property price. The current market situation also plays a major role, which is why we always analyze the supply and demand in the relevant region when valuing a property.

When is an online property valuation worthwhile and when is an on-site valuation with an expert?

DThe online property valuation is an initial indication of the property value. For a legally binding valuation, you need a valuer to inspect the property on site. This allows you to position yourself on the market with a realistic price and thus increase your chances of selling.

How is the value determined in the property valuation? 

For properties with rental or leasehold income, we add the land value to the building income value as part of the income capitalisation approach. In the comparative value method, we compare your house or flat with similar properties in the region. The asset value method refers to properties that are used privately. Here we take into account the market situation, the standard land value and the construction costs of the buildings.

How can I increase the value of my property?

In order to increase the value of the property, defects must first be identified. For example, modernisation and renovation measures improve energy efficiency and therefore have a positive impact on the value. If you make the property barrier-free or add a garage or lift, this will also increase its value.