Successfully selling and letting commercial property with Victor Investment

Whether offices, retail space or warehouses: Marketing a commercial property involves special requirements. At Victor Investment, we work for you throughout Germany in the commercial property sector and support you in both selling and letting.

Sale of commercial property

Bürohaus in Berlin

The basis for a successful sale is a realistic price, which we determine as part of a professional property valuation. Instead of the asset value, we use the capitalized earnings value:

The market value of the property is therefore calculated according to its economic income. Other factors that influence the price are the location, the type of commercial property and its condition and fittings.

You can market a commercial property both vacant and rented. However, vacant premises are often more difficult to sell as the buyer has no indication of the monthly rental payments.

What prospective buyers pay attention to

Interested parties pay particular attention to the amount, reliability and durability of the rental income. It also plays a role what maintenance measures and renovation costs they will incur. For this reason, we also advise you on value-enhancing measures such as modernisation as part of our valuation, which will increase your chances of selling.

Letting of commercial property

3D-Moddellierung einer Büroausstattung

If you let, you benefit from a largely free design of the commercial lease, in which, for example, the local rent index in Berlin or a rent cap do not apply. This allows you to negotiate the rent individually with your prospective tenants. The amount of the deposit is also usually higher than for residential property.

A special feature is the competition protection clause that you can grant your tenants. This means that you are not allowed to let other commercial properties in the neighborhood to tenants in the same sector.

Targeted marketing

Keep your target group in mind at all times when marketing your property. From professional photographs to virtual tours - at Victor Investment, we know exactly which marketing strategies you can use to reach potential buyers and tenants.

We also support you with the procurement of documents, organize viewings and check the creditworthiness of your prospective tenants. You can also benefit from our network of regional and national lawyers, architects and tradesmen, which enables us to offer you an all-round service at all times. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

Frequently asked questions about selling & letting commercial real estate

What factors influence the market value of my commercial property?

The market value of a commercial property depends largely on its location, condition, facilities and market-specific conditions. The economic strength of the surrounding area, transport links and supply and demand in the region are decisive aspects which, together with overarching economic developments such as interest rates and the economy, determine the value of the property.

How do I achieve the best possible price when selling a commercial property?

In order to achieve an appropriate price when selling your commercial property, preparation in the form of revaluation measures and a precise market value analysis is crucial. Equally important are a targeted marketing strategy aimed at the right group of buyers and skillful negotiation skills. An experienced real estate agent can make a significant contribution to maximizing your sales success with their specialist knowledge and experience.

How can I present my commercial property in the best possible way for sale or letting?

To present your commercial property in the best possible way, you should keep it in good condition, create rooms that can be used flexibly and use professional photos and detailed descriptions for attractive sales or rental documents. It is also important to provide all important documents in a transparent manner and report any defects.

How do I choose the right tenant or buyer for my commercial property?

Choosing the right tenant or buyer for your commercial property is a crucial factor for long-term stability and profitability. It is important to first thoroughly check the financial reliability and creditworthiness of prospective tenants. This includes analyzing credit reports, obtaining references and, if necessary, checking business balance sheets. Make sure that the tenant or buyer also fits into the existing tenant environment and that their business model supports the sustainability and value development of your property.

How can I, as the owner, protect my interests in the commercial lease?

In order to protect your interests as the owner of a commercial unit in the rental agreement, all contractual conditions should be carefully drafted and adapted to the special features of your property. This includes clear agreements on rent, term and maintenance as well as provisions for future market changes. Our expertise will support you in drafting a legally compliant commercial lease that is tailored to your situation.

What added value does a professional commercial real estate agent offer when selling or letting?

A professional real estate agent who is also familiar with commercial properties offers significant advantages when selling or letting: He knows the market inside out, achieves a fair market price for you and facilitates customer acquisition through his network. In addition, they take care of viewings and negotiations, ensure legally compliant contracts and thus optimize the financial and legal framework of your real estate business.