Modern property presentation thanks to photographs & virtual tours

Property photos & aerial shots as a targeted marketing tool

Highly polished images in trade magazines and on the Internet suggest that people today only long for a beautiful appearance. Our experience as estate agents for residential and commercial properties in Berlin and throughout Germany shows a different need among the target group: prospective buyers also want high-quality, appealing, but above all authentic photos.

  • Pictures that are not too heavily edited.
  • Images that do not mask the character of a property because you want to cover up supposed defects.
  • Images that do not cause disappointment during viewings because they have previously given a false impression.

Promotional photography for property

Leere Altbauwohnung

At Victor Investment, we therefore pay great attention to well-staged images that aptly convey the character of the property through lighting and interior design. High-quality, professional images that do justice to the property. The fact that possible weak points of a property are then recognisable is by no means a disadvantage for sellers and the sales process. On the contrary: prospective buyers who are informed in advance about possible repairs and view the property have a real interest in buying it.

In this way, we reduce the overall expense, especially the so-called inspection tourism of neighbors or strangers who are curious and want to view the property. At the same time, we reduce the anxiety and stress that viewings can cause for owners and residents. We also reduce disappointment among potential buyers and thus the likelihood of rejection.

Aerial photos as a supplement to the property presentation

The sale of residential and commercial properties not only benefits from attractive exposés and property photos. Impressive aerial photos are an ideal addition to property marketing. On the one hand, elaborately created images with a drone offer an overview of the property, the plot and the neighborhood. Prospective buyers can clarify various questions that are important to them: How is the property orientated? Can it be seen from all sides? What is the neighborhood like? On the other hand, the bird's-eye view is a rare sight of a property and is therefore particularly impressive among all the other properties on offer.

With our property photography and impressive aerial shots, we lay the foundation for eye-catching marketing of your residential or commercial property. We are happy to supplement these services with professional home staging and a virtual viewing on request. We would be happy to advise you personally on the optimum solution. It is best to make an appointment directly.


Innovative marketing with virtual viewings

Until now, if you were looking for a new property many kilometres away from your current place of residence, you had to travel to get an impression of the property. Virtual viewings make property marketing more digital - and therefore easier for many owners and prospective buyers. It can be used as a supplementary marketing tool - or, in the case of prospective buyers who live far away, it can even replace a personal viewing.

The advantages of virtual viewings for owners and buyers

  • Potential buyers get an overview of the property and all rooms, regardless of time and place, just as they would during a real viewing.
  • Potential buyers can repeat the virtual viewing to get a more detailed impression.
  • Interested parties decide whether or not a personal viewing with travel makes sense.
  • Real viewings only take place with real prospective buyers. This makes it more likely that a contract will be concluded.
  • Virtual viewings mean less effort for owners and protect their privacy by reducing the number of viewings.
  • Sellers do not have to repeatedly make appointments for viewings or be present for viewings themselves.

High-quality 360° tours of your property

Frau mit 3D-Brille

We use professional camera equipment to take photos and videos of your property for virtual viewings. The high-quality images show the rooms from all angles, giving prospective buyers the feeling that they are actually viewing the property.

If the property is currently occupied by you or a tenant, we naturally ensure that your privacy is protected during the filming. Thanks to our experience, we strike a good balance between presenting the property in the best possible way and conveying a homely atmosphere during the virtual viewing without going into too much detail or disturbing the privacy of the residents.

As a matter of principle, we only offer virtual viewings to selected interested parties with whom we have had prior contact. The 360° tour of your property will therefore not be accessible to the public.

Market digitally - and sell faster

Digital viewings are an innovative way of catering even better to the growing digital usage of today's target group. This gives potential buyers with any internet-enabled device the opportunity to take an impressive tour of the property. In addition to all the other information that we provide digitally and in paper form on request. We would be happy to advise you in detail on this topic.