Become an investor: Recognize & exploit potential

Bürohaus in Berlin

Investing in real estate is still worthwhile. But not every offer suits your own future plans. As a prospective property buyer and investor, we'll tell you what you should look out for to ensure that your investment pays off - and what hidden opportunities are often waiting for you!

Real estate as a popular investment

Alongside traditional investments in savings accounts and shares, real estate is one of the most popular capital investments. They are intended to pay off in the long term, bring in money through rentals, for example, or serve as a secure residence for old age. They are also considered one of the few relatively inflation-proof investment options. The value is likely to be maintained or possibly even increased through regular refurbishment measures.

Suitable properties for capital investors

Bürohaus in Berlin

Which property is suitable for investment? As a rule of thumb, the location and condition are decisive.

As an investor, first take a close look at the macro and micro location. Macro factors are, for example, the number of inhabitants and unemployment in the region, while micro factors focus on the immediate surroundings of the property. You should check whether the infrastructure scores points and whether there are value-enhancing aspects such as a quiet location in the countryside. Ask yourself which target group could move in and what requirements exist (and are fulfilled by the property).

The condition of the property is also an important decision criterion when it comes to capital investment. For example, many investors focus specifically on new buildings, as they do not have to worry about renovation costs at first. However, old buildings can also have hidden potential: Renovation measures are often tax-deductible and the charm of historic buildings is captivating. In addition, existing properties are usually less expensive and also give investors with a small budget a chance.

Targeted advice from Victor Investment GmbH

We at Victor Investment are happy to be your partner in the field of investment real estate. Experience has shown us which properties are in demand and are likely to generate high returns. You too can benefit from this background knowledge and join us in the search for the right investment, including suitable financing, in Berlin and the surrounding area. A discreet purchase is also possible, so that you can make a targeted investment in private. Contact us for a non-binding consultation or further information.